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The argumentof that website seems to be to boycott Trend Micro because it uses software patents whiich are all bogus.

The argument is to weak to take beyond those who already opose software patents.

The counter argument is that they are doing their best to work legitimately in a broken system and any 3rd party is bound to conclude that a differing of opinion on software patents (a matter they had not considered before) hardly warrants a boycott.

I think a stronger and clearer case needs making that on that website.

If the patent claim is clearly abusive within the patent framework then something should be made of that, boycotts are more effective when a clear moral case can be made rather than a political one.

So widely aceptable (portable) moral reasons need enumerating.


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This seems like a very good idea.

I'd like to blog this and forward it to a few lists.  Before I do, does
anyone have any comments on this?

(Seems like a clearly good idea to me, but it never hurts to ask for
comments before assisting negative campaigns.)

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