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Matthias-Christian Ott ott at
Sat Feb 9 21:03:50 UTC 2008

Alex Hudson <home at> wrote:

> On Sat, 2008-02-09 at 18:08 +0000, David Gerard wrote:
> > Hi Alex - still waiting on references to those many academics writing
> > about substantial problems with gift economies. I look forward to
> > reading them!
> Well, I was actually asked for online accessible references, which I
> don't have - but if you're willing to buy papers, buy a book, go to a
> library, etc., I'm sure there's plenty of stuff you can read, for
> example:
> The Question of the Gift: Essays Across Disciplines, Mark Osteen
> Derrida's Debt to Milton Friedman, Michael Tratner
> Competition and Entrepreneurship, Israel M. Kirzner

Can you please explain the fundamental idea behind the critique of
gift economy?
Within the current economical framework I don't see any problems,
except the attitude of the people, because the have to be willing to
voluntarily donate. So artists who are liked by the people earn money
and others who are not liked do not.
So where is the problem?

> Cheers,
> Alex.


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