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Alex Hudson home at
Sat Feb 9 21:48:39 UTC 2008

On Sat, 2008-02-09 at 22:03 +0100, Matthias-Christian Ott wrote:
> Can you please explain the fundamental idea behind the critique of
> gift economy?
> Within the current economical framework I don't see any problems,
> except the attitude of the people, because the have to be willing to
> voluntarily donate. So artists who are liked by the people earn money
> and others who are not liked do not.
> So where is the problem?

So, just to examine a single problem we both recognise, you think it's
ok that artists who are not personally likable are not able to earn a
living creating art in this economy?

That sounds like a recipe for Stuckism, but not one for promoting the



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