Kernel developers' position on GPLv3

Alfred M. Szmidt ams at
Tue Sep 26 14:59:57 UTC 2006

   I apologize to all the subscribers of this list for accepting ams'
   personal provocations.

Cut it out, I have not provoced you in any way.  You claim to be
mature and old, yet you resort to profanity, ad hominem attacks and
refuse to answer a simple question, why the same old and mature people
are the ones who implement injust laws, you claimed that you know what
freedom really means, educate us of what it really means then.  This
is not much to ask for, and I am geniunly interested in the answer.

   I should not have, having already witnessed his erratic rants
   against honest people involved with honest projects (one example:
   MJ Ray).

I do not know if MJ is honest or not since I have never meet him, I do
know that he spreads much FUD about the GPL, GFDL, GPLv3 commenting
process, etc here.  There is no 'ranting' going about by correcting
him about the misconceptions he has, misconceptiosn I think most
people on this list agree with.

   But the fact remains that ams is a known member of the FSF and many
   in the FSF have the same attitude.

This is simply untrue, I am not a member of the FSF, never claimed to
be, or otherwise have implied it.  I like many people on this list
share the views of the FSF, the FSF Europe is after all a sister
orgnisation of the FSF.  The attitude in both foundations is very much
the same, freedom is essential, and any way our rights are diminished
is not acceptable.  That you spread FUD about some absurd split
between the FSF and FSFe is quite dishonest to members and supports of
both the FSF and FSFe.


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