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Tue Jun 20 06:27:09 UTC 2006

"Georg C. F. Greve" <greve at>
> Let me try to explain some of the thoughts behind the GBN Definition:

I like the idea of the GBND, but I am unsure what the current
implementation is.  I think it could fly, as long as it is possible
to clearly show cases where only a subdivision is accredited.
How does it work today?

It would need careful promotion, but I don't see what it would gain
from letting proprietary promoters participate.  It would muddy
the waters and make a simple idea much less clear.

It's just not pragmatic to keep supporting someone else's legacy
application which doesn't follow open standards - and if it does
follow open standards, then support can be offered as part of a
migration to free software.  That should be OK under GBND, but
that's all, in my opinion.

There are fields where the free software alternatives are very
different to the proprietary ones (GIMP v Photoshop is the most
oft-cited example) but I've seen so many arguing each direction
for most of them, that I'm not sure "my app is better than yours"
is an argument that works either way.

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