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 mr> I like the idea of the GBND, but I am unsure what the current
 mr> implementation is.  I think it could fly, as long as it is
 mr> possible to clearly show cases where only a subdivision is
 mr> accredited.  How does it work today?

It doesn't.

Right now the GBN is an idea waiting for the right moment to come to
life -- and we hope that this moment will be sooner rather than later.

 mr> It would need careful promotion, but I don't see what it would
 mr> gain from letting proprietary promoters participate.  It would
 mr> muddy the waters and make a simple idea much less clear.

I agree that clarity must be central.

The question is where to draw the line(s), and how.

 mr> There are fields where the free software alternatives are very
 mr> different to the proprietary ones (GIMP v Photoshop is the most
 mr> oft-cited example) but I've seen so many arguing each direction
 mr> for most of them, that I'm not sure "my app is better than yours"
 mr> is an argument that works either way.

As it is currently envisioned, the GBN would not engage in any of
these technical superiority debates in any way, and I agree with you
that it makes no sense to do so.


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