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 ah> They don't really answer the question, though.

So let me try to summarise them once more:

Right now, GBN is actually doing nothing.

It is eventually supposed to help Free Software based business, by
carefully promoting only Free Software based activities of all
companies, even those who have some proprietary activities, aiming at
a careful balance to encourage all companies to evolve further towards
Free Software, which will give those that are already genuinely Free
Software an advantage.

FSFE will seek to start this initiative once it can be confident to do
it justice, which is largely a resource issue. As long as we cannot be
sure to live up to this task, we will not start it.

 ah> If the GBN is solely about applauding those businesses who do
 ah> work with only free software, then I suppose it will have its
 ah> niche.

As explained before: That is not what the GBN aims to do.


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