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Sam Liddicott sam at
Thu Jul 20 04:36:12 UTC 2006

* Stefano Maffulli wrote, On 19/07/06 18:22:
> Sean Daly suggested:
>> "open unencumbered standard"
> and Sam Liddicott added an 'and' to it.  That is a fine term, too.  But
> like non-discriminatory it carries a negation in front.  In any case I
> couldn't find a simple translation in Italian and gave up on this too.
Unencumbered has specific meaning, strongly suggesting (in english) that
there are no restrictions or controls on use.
Other words might be emancipated, unrestricted,harmonious, cordial
I agree the "un" is technically a negation but in english it
unencumbered and unrestricted read as positive things.
Sorry I can't help with the Italian. Maybe you could ask a legal person
for the equivalent of "without entailment" in Italian?

> and I stop here.  I like this: fair is a good term. Like in "fair trade"
> or "fair play" it carries a positive meaning, non discrimination is
> included.  IMHO we have a clear winner here.  What do you think?
"fair standard" sounds like it means the same thing as "RAND", because
fair=reasonable. and fair=non-discriminatory.
I worry that it therefore fails to even raise controversy because people
would think they know what it means when they don't.

Otherwise I like the "open free standard" or "open and free standard."

I think we like "open" because we know what open is supposed to mean,
but as acknowledged it often doesn't, the "and-free" works to
distinguish it from the wrong sort of openness.

and the "free" could be cash:free or GNU:free and means the same thing
in its context here, so that lack of confusion would be a benefit.


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