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Christoph Neuroth christoph at
Wed Jan 25 18:39:40 UTC 2006

Hi :)

For the people still interested in the issue: I have just started to work on a 
clean template based on the current .html file, which is
a) not valid XHTML
b) not very acessible (e.g. tables instead of lists, no accesskeys)

I haven't mentioned this before, but I think acessibility is a *very* 
important matter to *all* GNU homepages. We want everyone to be able to get 
information about free software, this includes persons with certain 
disabilities. I'm not an expert on acessible web pages yet, but that's one of 
the things I want to learn about more in the future.

After I finished my work on the new template, it is time to decide on a CMS. 
Personally, I'm still unsure between Serendipity and Typo3. Serendipity will 
be the simpler solution for this specific task, but Typo3 is way more 
flexible. E.g. maybe there will be other GNU homepages that need a CMS too in 
future, so we could just add them to the Typo3-Installation - typo3 can 
handle thousand of pages, each with different HTML templates, multiple 
languages, and everything else you could think of. Additionally, Typo3 is 
good to build accessible web pages (there was a German award for acessible 
sites called "BIENE" and IIRC three of ten winning sites were run by Typo3).

OK, that for now, I'm back to clean up the template file.

regards, Chris
Christoph 'delmonico' Neuroth
"Bildung ist das, was ├╝brig bleibt, wenn man alles,
was man in der Schule gelernt hat, vergisst." Albert Einstein

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