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Wed Jan 25 22:21:32 UTC 2006


Christoph Neuroth <christoph at> wrote:
> I haven't mentioned this before, but I think acessibility is a *very* 
> important matter to *all* GNU homepages. We want everyone to be able to get 
> information about free software, this includes persons with certain 
> disabilities. I'm not an expert on acessible web pages yet, but
> that's one of the things I want to learn about more in the future.

I think (X)HTML+CSS should be OK for accessibility.

> After I finished my work on the new template, it is time to decide on a CMS. 
> Personally, I'm still unsure between Serendipity and Typo3. Serendipity will 
> be the simpler solution for this specific task, but Typo3 is way more 
> flexible. 

About Serendipity, what about the other bravegw sides beside the
Column? As far as i can see they doesn't really fit into a weblog
software. Also i have some concerns about the 3th party language
plugin and for example what happens if we would need a language not
available by default. Basically i share some concerns about a CMS with
Bernhard Reiter [0] after i have played with some of them [1].

Personally i have reorganized the HTML files of the bravegw Homepage,
replaced table-layout with CSS-layout, created a common look and feel
for all sites and a script which handles language links and menus.

So the only regular work had to be done is copying the new issue into
the right directory (e.g. en/2006/issueX.html) respectively into a
issue-template, update the index file for the issue overview (maybe
this could  be handled by the script in the (near) future too) and run
the script to create the actual menus and language links.

The new homepage is basically ready for upload i just waiting for the
latest issues to upload not only a reorganized but also a up to date

I think a CMS couldn't be much easier, we have the advantage of
plain HTML files and don't have problems of long time maintaining a CMS,
upgrades, bug-fixes, security-fixes,...

I don't want to stop any activities on CMS research, maybe you will
get done something real good wich can convince everyone.  But
personally i think in the long run plain XHTML files + CSS and some
scripts are probably the best solution. And most important plain text
files gives you always full control over the homepage.



"When everyone can possess every intellectual work of beauty and utility
 - reaping all the human value of every increase of knowledge - at the
 same cost that any one person can possess them, it is no longer moral
 to exclude."                                             -- Eben Moglen

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