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Thu Jan 12 06:43:39 UTC 2006

Christoph Neuroth wrote:

>On Tuesday 10 January 2006 12:54, Sam Liddicott wrote:
>>Typo3 is good.
>>In this case I suggest use of Campsite
>I will have a look at campsite later; but can you give us an overview of what 
>you think are the benefits over typo3?
Something working soonest is always best, so maybe typo3. I'm, reviewing
campsite now for a project and it is the first CMS that has excited me
for a long time,

Unlike typo3 it is not a website publishing system but a publication
publishing system, based around any number of publicatoins with any
number of editions and any number of articles in any numvber of
languages with UTF8 characterset support from the grund up. The workflow
clearly delineates the different roles of publication from submission,
editing, review and publication. It does one job and does it well.

I can set up campsite in 10 minutes if you want; but if Bjoern has more
time it may be better to go wit that,


>Bjoern Schiessle contacted me via private mail and offered his help so I think 
>we can get a running site up... Here's what I think is needed:
>1) Port the old design to a Content Management system
>2) Implement a new, more direct workflow system. Gregor: What do you think is 
>the best? It could be quite similar to the old system; we just woulnd't need 
>the "web volunteers" any more as you could do the publishing yourself easily 
>using the CMS...
>3) Include the older issues (easy enough once the CMS is running)
>4) (Mabye) implement a new design
>Any comments?
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