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Christoph Neuroth christoph at
Tue Jan 10 22:30:37 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 10 January 2006 22:46, Guillaume Lenoir wrote:
> I don't know enough about CMS to debat on which is the best, but Georg
> gave a pretty good (even if general) view of what's needed and I trust
> the "ones who know" to choose and get it up right. I can only emphasize
> the need for an ease to edit, but also to translate the content.
> As Christoph, I'd like to read about the compared benefits of proposed
> CMS.
I have had a look at the requirements and I think the Serendipity weblog 
software does the job very nicely (and easily - it is much faster to install 
and configure than a typo3 site). I have put online an example with Issue #1 
in English and German. Be aware that this is a 20-minute-copy-and-paste 
solution withouth any formatting/linking and it uses the Serendipity standard 
design. But it shows of s9y's mulitilingual and archiving features. Comments 
are welcome:
If Georg likes it and there are no other complaints, we could build a custom 
s9y design (template) and start the work of properly including the old 

> Is there a place I can download untranslated English texts to start
> working on the French version ? My German is not good enough to do the
> job though.
You can find the Englisch versions at


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