Linux Party [warning political]

Chris. Grobmeier grobmeier at
Wed Mar 16 10:20:44 UTC 2005

> I think there are better ways to do something then founding a political
> party if you want to help Free Software. Help building a local Free
> Software organisation which focus on the political issues.

This was exactly was i thought before a few minutes.
I guess this would be a great idea. A political party is not exactly 
what we want (i know java but not how to care about how to increase 
common wealth)- but a organisation who talks directly to the politicans
and organizes political protest could be exactly what Free Software needs.
If we would have an organisation (some kind of club, german word would 
be "verein") which focusses on poltic- great.

BTW there is some organisation which is doing exactly this in germany. I 
forgot the name, but you have to pay >1000 Euro to participate.


PS: how can i contribute this mailinglist without sending my post first
to the moderator? i subscribed, but it seems i have no direct write access.

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