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Hi Sid,
some questions:

* Sid Dabster <sid_dabster at> [2005-03-14 14:57:58 -0500]:

> The Legalise Cannabis Alliance/Party was started in
> Norwichin 1997, where I live, by a few ex-Labour party
> members. 

Is Norwichin a city? In Canada? How many people are living there?

> no difference. After LCP was formed they stood in a
> handful of seats (five) and within a few years the 
> government had reduce the criminal offence of 
> carrying it to virtual nothing and started trials 
> of Cannabis for medical use. 

The government of Norwichin or the government of your country?


>   Today I have managed to get Steve Ballmer's office
> fax number, if we had group we could on mass fax that
> number at particular day. I will not give out the 
> number until I have been able to use it, I will see
> if one of the other posters here is right and I get 
> sued. It maybe decided wether to start a new party 
> in the UK on the 20th March at a meeting 
> in Norwich.

Sorry, I don't understand this paragraph. How is Steven Ballmer's office
fax number related to that issue? What do you want to sent him? Would
you like to ask him if he joins the party???


> I hope have not upset anyone, but I feel compeled to do something
> because I feel so strongly about this issue. 

I think there are better ways to do something then founding a political
party if you want to help Free Software. Help building a local Free
Software organisation which focus on the political issues.

With best wishes,

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