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Wed Mar 16 11:18:50 UTC 2005

Hello Chris,

* Chris. Grobmeier <grobmeier at> [2005-03-16 11:20:44 +0100]:

> I guess this would be a great idea. A political party is not exactly 
> what we want (i know java but not how to care about how to increase 
> common wealth)- but a organisation who talks directly to the politicans
> and organizes political protest could be exactly what Free Software needs.

This organisation already exists :) The FSFE is doing this since the

> If we would have an organisation (some kind of club, german word would 
> be "verein") which focusses on poltic- great.

That's exactly why Fellowship [1] was started. Please read the
announcement of the Fellowship [2]. The Fellowship is IMHO the best
place for people who care about those issues.

> BTW there is some organisation which is doing exactly this in germany. I 
> forgot the name, but you have to pay >1000 Euro to participate.

The Fellowship costs 120 EUR / 60 EUR reduced (for students etc.). 

> PS: how can i contribute this mailinglist without sending my post first
> to the moderator? i subscribed, but it seems i have no direct write access.

I'll sent you an PM about that.

Best wishes,

Join the Fellowship and protect your freedom!      (
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