Fw: Linux Party [warning political]

Chris. Grobmeier grobmeier at neotecc.net
Tue Mar 15 14:02:40 UTC 2005

Sid Dabster wrote:
Dear Sid,
i don't believe in this kind of protest.
I guess, the only way to break the reign of MS
is to develope good software, keep it free
and to form standards.
Most users a afraid before the lots of configuration possibilities
of free software. Change this.
If free software succeeds there is no need to show mr balmer
how we are all crying cause MS is bigger and stronger.

What if MS would dissappear?
Most users could not handle their computers easy.
We need an alternativ (i mean a true alternativ- install and run
all applications SIMPLE- not 2thousands of different programms, nothing 
to compile, no care about platforms).
If we have this, and system is easier than MS, we'll win.
If not- MS is needed.

I do not like MS very much, cause i dislike closed source.
But sending faxes with:"hey, stop beeing easy and stop making money" 
will not work. Mr. Balmer will change his Fax-number.

i would say: make linux so easy like windows is.

And a party just for linux and free software? Its to less.
There are too much people who have not enough money to buy a pc.
Would they really care about free software?

Say: digital freedom, free human rights and the free choice for a live
without caring about money, and i would like it


> Each person would send one fax message only written
> by hand, not a form letter. This show the receiving
> organisation be they government or company the
> strength of felling. The Doctor Who Appreciation 
> Society (DWAS) complained after Colin Baker's Doctor
> had remained off the air, the BBC recommision the
> series in response. In Norwich a local green group
> faxed the council to complain about giving free
> adverts to the airport. Shout99 asked people to fax
> their MP about the RIP bill. It is seen a legitmate
> form of protest. The fact is that even protest 
> marches are technically illegal and stop traffic.
> In condemned the DDOS of SCO unlike Bruce Perens and
> several members of uk.comp.os.linux who claimed
> SCO had attacked themselves so they could blame 
> the Linux community, this was a strang consipory
> idea, see Google groups for the details.
> There is nothing stopping have a party and having
> pressure groups, look at the environmental movement
> who has Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth are
> pressure groups while the Green Party is a political
> party. 
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