Fw: Linux Party [warning political]

Simon Morris mozrat at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 18:49:44 UTC 2005

On Tue, 15 Mar 2005 15:02:40 +0100, Chris. Grobmeier
<grobmeier at neotecc.net> wrote:
> What if MS would dissappear?
> Most users could not handle their computers easy.
> We need an alternativ (i mean a true alternativ- install and run
> all applications SIMPLE- not 2thousands of different programms, nothing
> to compile, no care about platforms).

I think the thing here is that Linux should offer choice to users. If
they want to have 3 different console mode text editors then cool -
give people that choice.

You are describing a solution that takes the choice away from people
in order to give them a system they can use, Linux can do this as well
- and distros such as FC3 and Ubuntu are well on the way.

Windows is just Windows - Linux can be what you need it to be

> If we have this, and system is easier than MS, we'll win.
> If not- MS is needed.

See, this is a mentality I don't understand. What is the definition of
the word 'win'? What competition are we in here?

Personally I don't want to see MS go out of business.... undoubtably
they produce some decent software (and some truely awful software),
and it is their ideology of "screw everyone else, we're OK" that I
disagree with.

Linux can follow Microsofts example where the is benefit in doing so,
and avoid Microsofts mistakes as well.

If I had to define the word 'Win' it would be a situation where
everyone (including MS) is playing on a level playing field and there
is no one body that dominates everyone else
> I do not like MS very much, cause i dislike closed source.
> But sending faxes with:"hey, stop beeing easy and stop making money"
> will not work. Mr. Balmer will change his Fax-number.

I agree

> i would say: make linux so easy like windows is.
> And a party just for linux and free software? Its to less.
> There are too much people who have not enough money to buy a pc.
> Would they really care about free software?

Well - taking my local area as an example. I live in North-East London
in a place where people have money enough for day to day but computers
are seen as a luxury (although I guess *most* households have a PC but
maybe not a broadband connection)

In my local primary school Microsoft have a large poster describing
hardware components of a PC with a big advert at the bottom giving
students and parents a small discount on Office 2003.

So parents that can't afford the discounted price of Office (and even
discounted it's a lot.. I wouldn't pay that much money for a word
processor and spreadsheet package) either pirate the software (which I
don't agree with) or do without.

This is effectively dividing children into those who's parents can
afford Office, and those who cannot. Surely when it comes to education
our children should have every opportunity available.

Or they can use a Free software alternative such as OpenOffice. This
is the awareness we need to raise about Free software.

MS also sell software to 3rd World countries and Governments whose
money would be better served staying inside the country for
redevelopment and not winging it's way to Redmond.

> Say: digital freedom, free human rights and the free choice for a live
> without caring about money, and i would like it

Thats a great sentence. I'll remember it

> Cheers
> Chris


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