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Sid Dabster sid_dabster at yahoo.ca
Tue Mar 15 11:25:59 UTC 2005

--- Simon Morris <mozrat at gmail.com> wrote:

> >--- Sid Dabster wrote:
> >--- "Morris, Simon" <Simon.Morris at cmtww.com> wrote:
> >I was against the DDOS attack on SCO as I said on
> the
> >Usenet at the time, and as an innocent bystander
> >whos inbox was filled with the MyDoom virus I did
> >not like it. The reason I have not revealed
> >the FAX number is that I am responisble.
> >
> Sid.
> You said this evening that you have Steve Ballmers
> office fax number and
> if 'we' had a group we could mass fax that number on
> a particular day.
> Firstly how is this any different to Linux advocates
> DDOSing the SCO
> site which is an activity you did not like? Which
> political point are
> you trying to make by targeting his fax machine in
> this way?
> Secondly if it was a good idea earlier this evening
> why have you now
> U-turned under a mask of responsibility? It's either
> a good idea or not.
> As I stated earlier in this discussion I think our
> energies can be
> concentrated in a more positive manner
> Best Rgds

Each person would send one fax message only written
by hand, not a form letter. This show the receiving
organisation be they government or company the
strength of felling. The Doctor Who Appreciation 
Society (DWAS) complained after Colin Baker's Doctor
had remained off the air, the BBC recommision the
series in response. In Norwich a local green group
faxed the council to complain about giving free
adverts to the airport. Shout99 asked people to fax
their MP about the RIP bill. It is seen a legitmate
form of protest. The fact is that even protest 
marches are technically illegal and stop traffic.

In condemned the DDOS of SCO unlike Bruce Perens and
several members of uk.comp.os.linux who claimed
SCO had attacked themselves so they could blame 
the Linux community, this was a strang consipory
idea, see Google groups for the details.

There is nothing stopping have a party and having
pressure groups, look at the environmental movement
who has Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth are
pressure groups while the Green Party is a political

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