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Niall Douglas s_fsfeurope2 at nedprod.com
Tue Mar 30 00:31:01 UTC 2004

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On 29 Mar 2004 at 20:33, Bernhard Reiter wrote:

> In my eyes they focus too much on the capitalism versus communism
> question, where the real economies faces a lot of different problems
> and there never has been a real capitalism or communism. Economy
> scientists will describe the situation and their current theories with
> other terms.

All the neo-communists have left recently because they thought a nazi 
from the debian project had joined the list. I have opined this is a 
good thing, but the masters that be don't agree at all. It's led to a 
dead list recently, so I'll check out the one you posted.

> I even heard some oekonux people believe that this could develop into
> gratis physical goods. Naturally I do not share this notion. 

Yeah it's daft IMHO. Different economics apply to information in that 
it can be replicated for a tiny cost and thus it's economically 
viable it can be given away for free. Physical goods can't have that, 
so they can never be given away for free. It didn't work in 
communism, it just doesn't work.


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