NT: free software and money

Moritz Sinn moritz at freesources.org
Tue Mar 30 09:26:28 UTC 2004

"Niall Douglas" <s_fsfeurope2 at nedprod.com> writes:

> Yeah it's daft IMHO. Different economics apply to information in that 
> it can be replicated for a tiny cost and thus it's economically 
> viable it can be given away for free. Physical goods can't have that, 
> so they can never be given away for free. It didn't work in 
> communism, it just doesn't work.

communism never existed. its a big big failure of the mainstream to think
that the east would have had something todo with communism. the usa is
more communist than china and cuba might have some socialist attitude
but after all it stays a dictatorship.

our economy today is capitalism more than any economy
before. capitalism is not limited to the industrialization
age. capitalism is the economy which works on base of private
capital. capital can be anything with value which gains more value out
of itself. another main quality of capitalism is the competition and
this is also more stronger than ever today.


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