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This is my first post on this list, so I'm sorry if i fumble in some way...
Em Sexta 09 Janeiro 2004 01:11, vocĂȘ escreveu:

>> Don't like the pricing? Don't by the CD! It is quite that simple,
>> nobody is forcing you to buy it, and I am quite sure that there >>exist
>> second hand stores that sell CD's cheaper. And if you feel >>strongly
>> about it, do something, protest, make people aware. One >>person can do
>> quite a lot, just take a look at the GNU project.

>man... you probably lives in a nice country... even second hand >stores
sell it 
>expensive (8 dollars). The fact is NOBODY helps the poor people, >even the 
>(brazilian) government. 
I live in Serbia, former Yugoslavia state, and the things are pretty much
the same here. The government has officialy succesfully (more or less)
erradicated piracy from this society here, but they gave no alternative,
except the one nobody can afford - in both music and software markets...
Even people with decent salaries cannot really afford to buy a music CD  (20
Euro and more  - equivalent sum in our currency is about 1.300 dinars and
that's, believe me, a good price for a CD, they usually come two or three
times more expensive). And with software it's even bigger figures, so
basically no one does it. No one is buying legal software (I am talking
about common people, not companies) when they can get pirated for much less
money. This is not necessarily god nor bad. The thing is, if you want to
learn, no one should be able to stop you from doing so, but it's not right
to steal things from other people, right? And piracy is stealing. So what it
comes to is that the goverment has not erradicated piracy, but made it go
more underground, and therefore made the whole legalization issue in our
country a sharade. Same book, different covers.
Ok, now I figure I'm way off topic, it's just that it angers me to hear
people taking things so lightly as to say "don't like the price? don't buy
it!". Maybe in developed societies... but not where I live... attitude like
that brings forth a future of generations of uneducated people, becaouse
they couldn't afford it... and both music and computers are a part of our
>My point is: different worlds, different decisions. Piracy has a >place in
>third world country. People barely knows how to read here, any >chance to 
>access information is welcome, maybe they can get a chance to >get out this

>shit. That's why free-software is getting VERY STRONG here in >BRAZIL, more

>for financial reasons than ethical. We are using it now at the >government
>trying to get it at schools. It's our chance to improve our >technology,
>education and stop digital exclusion.
Exactly. But in my country it's not even like that. Our govement is siding with M$oft and free software is almost never mentioned. We are being, in a way, led to believe that even education is another word for money. 
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