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Alfred M. Szmidt ams at kemisten.nu
Tue Jan 13 01:44:11 UTC 2004

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   Ok, now I figure I'm way off topic, it's just that it angers me to
   hear people taking things so lightly as to say "don't like the
   price? don't buy it!". Maybe in developed societies... but not
   where I live... attitude like that brings forth a future of
   generations of uneducated people, becaouse they couldn't afford
   it... and both music and computers are a part of our education.

And it angers and sadness me to see people to give up their freedoms
so lightly.  You have always the choice of developing your own version
of some non-free program, and you have the choice to start a band.
Using non-free software is never justifiable; be it its price or
whatever.  Would you also break the license of the GPL for example?
Because there is no difference between unauthorized copying of
non-free software and free software.  It is still a breach of the

The whole argument that non-free software costs to much is totally
bogus, because free software can cost as much, or even more.  Just
because it is Free Software does not imply that it is gratis software.
The argument about "educating" people, is also bogus since non-free
software doesn't help in that regard--you can't study the code, or
muck around with it.

Happy hacking.

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