what shall I do?

Alfred M. Szmidt ams at kemisten.nu
Fri Jan 9 19:14:22 UTC 2004

   last month there was a job offer for five street cleaners (a very
   cheap job), and 5.000 thousand people appeared to try it.

And why do I have such a hard time to belive in that?  Care to cite
some source instead of pulling it out of the air?  The same goes for
the "90% of the population has to wait for health care", "35% taxes
with nothing back", etc.  Atleast, then it will be something one can

   My point is: different worlds, different decisions. Piracy has a
   place in my third world country. People barely knows how to read
   here, any chance to access information is welcome, maybe they can
   get a chance to get out this shit. That's why free-software is
   getting VERY STRONG here in BRAZIL, more for financial reasons than

It would be nice if you could stop twisting and turning like a worm.
First you say that unauthorized copying is only done to gain
information, and now you blame it on the price.  And it still seems
that you can't understand that unauthorised copying can be done for
free software!

As for ripping out the whole message, won't even bother commenting on

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