Satellite-Transmission! ; ) Re: Software patents conference in Brussels

Robert Michel news at
Tue Sep 16 08:55:29 UTC 2003

Salve FSF-friends,

Europe by satellite will be broadcast the Press conference live at 
15:00h via Eutelsat digital, and internet livestream in 11 languages:

 "Software patents: for you to decide" : Press conference prior to EP vote at 
September II plenary session - Participants :Daniel Marc COHN-BENDIT, Raina 
Mercedes ECHERER, Danielle AUROI, Neil MacCORMICK, Jim MURRAY, Director of 
the BEUC, Paul KLINT, President of the EAPLS, Hakon WIUM LIE, CEO of OPERA - 
Information Society (European Parliament, Brussels) (EPRef-30976)  

This material is free of charge, you can record the DVB-S singnal put it on 
your server. To get all translation we should coordinate who can record which 
language, or is able to record the whole stream at once.

Satellite receiving information:

Internet-stream receiving information:

The Realmedia stream will be avialabel on demand from 17.09. to 24.09.2003
on the EbS server.

The conference is not recorded and I will do my best to do it.
BUT when you going to BXL and you have a video cam, recorded it, too.
When you have experinaces with video editing, and you like to help me,
please send me a PM.


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