Help for video post-production needed, was: Software patents conference in Brussels

Robert Michel news at
Sat Sep 20 22:06:56 UTC 2003

Please forwared this to all list/groups about Softwae Patents 
or other groups like media, DVB, video... that us can my help. 


I tried my best to find people who record the press conference broadcasted 
european wide by satellite and to record the confrence by myself.
BUT there is still help needed.

Tomorrow at 12:00h will be a rebroadcast of the press confrence and only
a record of the english audio version exist, but not of the original, Frensh 
or German one. So it is urgent that people with a DVB-S card and Eutelsat
tell me that they can record it:

Sunday 12h00  


Length: 00:32:20 
Starting time   12h00'00'' 

 Press conference on 'Software patents: for you to decide', prior to EP vote 
at September II plenary session - Participants :Daniel Marc COHN-BENDIT, 
Raina Mercedes ECHERER, Danielle AUROI, Neil MacCORMICK, Jim MURRAY, Director 
of the BEUC, Paul KLINT, President of the EAPLS, Hakon WIUM LIE, CEO of 
OPERA, recorded 17/09/03 - Information Society (European 
Parliament, Brussels) (EPRef-30976)  

Satellite receiving information:

If you have questions, please send me a PM or call me:
+49 241 9968183
So can see the english stream in MPEG4 format here:

Postproduction Video recording of the conference

The greens what to publish a reader about software patents on monday,
and they what include parts of the conference as video on their webpage.
Please help with a postproduction that there will be good material that they 
can use on Monday.
They what the speach of Daniel Cohn-Bendit and I found the speach of Marco 
remakable, that this new law will kill medium-size IT-companies. I think 30 
minutes or less would be fine.

BUT there was a problem with the sound, the orginal sound, Frensh and German 
exist as seperatly MP3 and have to be combined with the MPG video.
The video itself needs a littel colour corretion (white balance) but this is 
not so importatnt.

For information about this postproduction please see the archive of

Please be so kind and help with the postproduction and do not only
download the draft videos. 

In case you can help, please inform the bxl at mailing list.
You can ask me via
news at
+49 241 9968183 (0h-24h)
But it could be that I be not reachable from 21.09. 12:00h- Monday.

Please become active independent from my feedback.

When you have a good server to store videos or a streaming server for populare 
fromats, contact bxl at


I`m sorry that I haven`t the equipment, software, knowledge to go on to make
this recording publishable.


Am Mittwoch, 10. September 2003 23:12 schrieb Frederic Couchet:
> Wednesday 17 September 16.00 -18.30
> European Parliament Brussels Room PHS 5B001
> 15.00	Press conference in briefing room
> 16:00 	Introduction by Daniel Cohn-Bendit MEP Chair of the Green/Efa
> 	Group in EP
> 16:10 	Presentation of the petition of the scientists:
> 	Dr. Alan Mycroft, Cambridge*
> 16:30 	Presentation of the letter of the economists:
> 	Dr. Luc Soete, Founder of Merit (Maastricht Economic
> 	Research Institute on Innovation and Technology
> 16:45	European consumer's point of view: Jim Murray, Director of
> 	the BEUC
> 17:00 	Tim Berners-Lee, Director World Wide Web Consortium, founder
> 	of the www online statement, debate and chat (videoconference)*
> 17:30	Administration that switched to open source software (Germany)
> 	Jens Mülhaus Member City Council city of Munich
> 17:45	CEO of European SMEs testimony about software patents :
> 	Hakon Wium Lie, CEO of OPERA (web browser Opera, used on all
> 	platforms, also used on cell-phones and PDAs for eg. Motorola)
> 18:00 	Debate
> 18:30	Conclusion

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