my distribution scheme for GPLed software

Andreas K. Foerster akf1 at
Tue Mar 4 13:26:55 UTC 2003

On Tue, Mar 04, 2003 at 12:43:48PM +0000, Alex Hudson wrote:

> > The "Official Version" idea is a trademarks issue, not a copyright
> > issue so the GPL doesn't cover it.
> The GPL probably ought to address it though, in much the same way that it
> addresses the matter of software patents. A trademark can be used to make
> a piece of software effectively non-free: if a trademark prevents you
> copying a piece of software, then you end up in with the problem people
> who want to distribute RedHat have.

A trademark cannot prevent from copying the software, just from using
the name. That's why for example "" has this strange 
distribution named "green shoe". So just forget about your red hat and
wear your green shoe. ;-)

BTW. isn't also "Linux" a trademark?


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