My alternative busines model

Jan Wildeboer jan.wildeboer at
Mon Dec 9 12:45:40 UTC 2002

MJ Ray wrote:

> No, monopolies are a breach of the underlying principles of capitalism.

But only if we agree on the same definition of capitalism. Similar to 
the question "What is OpenSource?" that shows significant differences in 
the answer depending on who you ask ;-)

>  One
> of them is that there is a marketplace that includes competing suppliers of
> equivalent products.

Now reducing that to the software market it is only possible with Free 
Software ;-) That's the funny thing. Closed-Source software is 
monopolized from the start. It is a black box that you feed with 
something and that delivers something else. There is no market of 
competing suppliers of equivalent products. Only a market of Black Boxes 
that claim to be equivalent. The public is unable to look at the 
differences without having access to the sources.

I guess there are smarter people around here that can bring my thought 
in a better form, but my underlying argument is sound, I guess.

Jan Wildeboer

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