Electricite de France distributes one of its numerical simulation softwares (Code_Aster) as free software

Olivier Berger oberger at april.org
Tue Oct 23 14:28:11 UTC 2001


I wanted to let you know that EDF has just released one of its numerical
simulation softwares (mechanics mostly) as free software (under the

I haven't tested it as I am no physics expert, but I'm glad such a big
company (national Power operator) releases one of its softwares in our
community. And, btw, you'll notice that it is no abandonware : EDF plans
to work at least 3 more years on it.

Note that the web site is only in french at the present time, since it's
mostly used only by french people at the present time, I think... but
you may manage to download the software anyway ;)

If someone with enough numerical simulation skills can test it and

Oh, btw, the sources aren't available at the present time and EDF
promised to provide them on december 15.

I copy the press-release of EDF below :
October 19 th , 2001 

Press release 

EDF R&D has developed for twelve years a numerical simulation software
for structural analysis, Code_Aster ® . Widely used for the expertise
and maintenance of power plants and electrical networks, this tool
covers a wide range of applications today :

 thermal and mechanical analysis - 3D linear or non linear, static or
 dynamic analysis pressure vessels - machines - civil engineering -
 porous media

Benefiting from the skills and the quality requirements of the nuclear
engineering industry, this tool is already appreciated by
manufacturers and technical centers, research teams, service suppliers
and teachers.

EDF R&D, responsible for the development of Code_Aster and its
distribution to the EDF teams, opens a new 3-year cycle of development
and qualification.

This effort is justified by the needs of the EDF Group in mechanical
analysis and multi-physics simulation. We wish that this step could
benefit from the contributions of numerous research teams (academic or
industrial) and provide them in return with a long-lasting shelter
than can be easily used for their own works.

To favor the emergence of wide network of users, collect the maximum
of observations and remarks from the mechanical community, allow the
enrichment of the tool, EDF R&D chose to lean on the Internet


the new Web site, presented on October 19 th , 2001 at the « Maison de
la Mécanique », near Paris gives access to the development version of
Code_Aster in the form of a free software, under GPL license (GNU
General Public License).

EDF R&D provides the community with the whole Code_Aster software and
additional tools, all the documentation and a wide corpus of tests and
examples, an open architecture and all source programs.

The users network animation features, widely open to debate, define
explicitly the services and the derived works.

Any company or organization will be allowed to distribute the software
in the market, under its own responsibility and independently from

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