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Georg C. F. Greve greve at
Mon Oct 22 11:00:07 UTC 2001

Hello everyone,

the Systems 2001 last week was a full success for the FSF
Europe. Besides the presentations by Bernhard Reiter (he held his
presentation "How companies can benefit from Free Software
philosophy" twice) and myself ("Copyright in the internet age") we
were present in interview ( and podium discussion.

In addition we showed presence with our booth and made ourselves
available for discussions and questions. Thanks for this goes to our
booth volunteers Klaus Kappel and Bjoern Bendix.

The person making the successful booth possible was Volker Dormeyer,
however. He not only organized & coordinated the booth, he also set it
up and disassembled it, took care the materials were there and made
their way back and was present at the booth every single day during
the Systems. Thanks, Volker!

Those who did not have time to go to the Sytems can get some
impressions on the home page of the FSF Europe:


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