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Sat May 12 17:00:04 UTC 2001

Gerhard Poul writes:
 > > 	- Create the domaine
 > I think you have your reasons but I think it would be much better to
 > register a domain name that is not negative and to inform people on
 > this site about the possibility of negative impact instead of creating
 > a insiders-only page that sounds negative.

	Thanks for pointing this. I guess that's why
exists ;-) My idea was to create a domain name that is not bound to
Free Software and arrange it to display/mirror the

	Now I realize I'm new in this and there was probably a lot of
discussions on this subject. From what I heard there was apparently a
consensus on the fact that having a domain name that is not bound to
Free Software would be beneficial. I'm just proposing to create this
domain name and do whatever is necessary to display/mirror the data. I'll be content to use whatever domain name
was decided.

	Anyway, buying domain names is cheap and many can point to the
same location. What will truly require work is to display the data on it.


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