fsfe: diluted power?

Jan-Oliver Wagner jan at intevation.de
Fri Jun 29 17:12:23 UTC 2001

Hi all,

I just stumbled across some dead links on the web page
of france.fsfeurope.org. So I started reading and
I realized that the chapter france site has not much in
common with the fsf europe pages.
Even clicking the fsfe logo will not lead you to the fsfe.

I am really happy about the fact that there is so
much energy in france to push the free software concept.

However, the forces are still  very limited today and
our power should be joined rather than diluted.
Chapter france (which is called FSF France all over
the web site) presents itself as a separate organization
(at least this is the readers impression).
Furthermore chapter france produced a lot
of content which is not available on the fsfe page.
Next, fsfe should be careful which sites to link
where on the website (is lsfn an associate organization?).

All in all it will lead to a de-facto 'take over' of
the fsfe site by the french chapter site.
I don't want this to happen, because it will weaken
the position of fsfe members in the other countries.

Please let us join the forces again and clear up
the already unbalanced situation as soon as possible.


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