Why is Microsoft Attacking the GPL

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Fri Jun 29 17:04:21 UTC 2001

Hi all,

Linux Journal has a very good, indepth and very relevant article on the GPL 
and Microsoft's massive attack on it:

"Why is Microsoft Attacking the GPL"
by Bryan Pfaffenberger <bp at virginia.edu>


Apparently (amongst other things) Microsoft is trying to get a ban on the use of the GPL 
for any software funded in part or whole by the US Govt.

The article cuts to the bone in the section "Why the GPL terrifies Microsoft"
including the quote:

"From the Microsoft perspective, GPL-licensed software is like those monsters
from "The Night of the Living Dead": they just keep coming back at you. "

Essentially Microsoft thinks it is in imminent danger of being wiped out
as GNU/Linux enters the desktop market with apps like K-Office and Gnome Office.
It is now throwing a well planned and hugely funded FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) campaing
with the aim of breaking freesoftware while it still has a chance.

The focus of the Microsoft campaign is the GPL.

I guess that puts us first in the firing line.
How shall  we respond?

Nick Hockings

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