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Fri Jun 29 23:04:45 UTC 2001

> Please let us join the forces again and clear up
> the already unbalanced situation as soon as possible.

	Frederic, Raphael, Olivier and myself spent an enormous amount
of time cooperating with Uk, Spain, Portugal, China, US, both under
the aegis of GNU and FSF* during the past month. I know Georg is
focused on Uk, Austria, Italy and Japan. I'm not sure about Bernhard,
Werner, Peter, Allessandro and Jonas (I mean, beside taking care of
things in Germany, Italy and Sweden, of course ;-)  but I trust them
to DTRT.

	The equilibrum between France and the rest of FSF Europe will
be found when people will have time to launch projects and write articles
in other countries. This takes a lot of time and we should be patient.
There already is one pan-european project (GPL translation), I hope other
will come soon.

	I've not been following the threads too closely in the past two
weeks. Could you tell me specificaly which projects you are currently
working on ? We will certainly find ways to join forces.


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