LinuxTag 2001 Aftermath - the booth

Frederik Harwath fnord at
Tue Jul 10 18:10:12 UTC 2001

reply to the mail from Georg C. F. Greve (greve at

> the LinuxTag is now over and everyone involved is probably suffering
> From a severe case of "tradeshow hangover." At least I do.

same here ;)

> The FSF Europe booth was a big success in my eyes. Although the
> organization was a little short in terms of timing and generated quite
> an of an overload for me, in the end everything worked out: we had a
> well-personed, well-equipped booth at all times.

we even had fsfe shirts although nobody really thought we'd get them :-)

> This made me *very* happy.
> Hopefully we'll soon be able to put some pictures on-line (I know at
> least Frederik made some). Working up all the things that happened

ack, I took some pictures of the LinuxTag in general and ~ 10 pictures
of our booth. As I used a "normal" analog camera I don't have the
pictures yet, but I'll scane them asap after I get them and put them
online. I'll post the URL to the list then.

> will take some time so it'll probably be done step-by-step. But I felt
> this could not wait.


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