LinuxTag 2001 Aftermath - the booth

Georg C. F. Greve greve at
Mon Jul 9 10:36:09 UTC 2001

Hi all,

the LinuxTag is now over and everyone involved is probably suffering
From a severe case of "tradeshow hangover." At least I do.

The FSF Europe booth was a big success in my eyes. Although the
organization was a little short in terms of timing and generated quite
an of an overload for me, in the end everything worked out: we had a
well-personed, well-equipped booth at all times.

This made me *very* happy.

The people making this success possible were

   Volker Dormeyer
   Frederik Harwath
   Georg Jakob
   Karin Kosina
   Andreas Riedler
   Lutz Horn
   Christian Selig

and we all cannot thank them enough. Without people like them the FSF
Europe and the whole Free Software movement in general would not be

Especially Volker and Frederik deserve recognition because they stayed
all four long days. 

Volker not only brought his home PC for demonstration purposes and
helped setting up the booth on the day before, he also acted as the
backbone of our booth and the coordinator during the show. He took
responsibility for all the little and big things related to running
the booth. The success of the booth depended on him a lot and I was
amazed by his dedication.

In the name of the FSF Europe I would like to thank every single one
of you for your extremely valuable contribution: Thank You!!!

Hopefully we'll soon be able to put some pictures on-line (I know at
least Frederik made some). Working up all the things that happened
will take some time so it'll probably be done step-by-step. But I felt
this could not wait.


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