LinuxTag Aftermath - the "Social Event"

Georg C. F. Greve greve at
Mon Jul 9 11:39:12 UTC 2001

Hi all,

as every year, the LinuxTag also had a social event where lots of
people had a huge buffet and lots to drink. I do not know exactly how
many people were there, but there were many.

Normally this would not be worth reporting, but there was one
highlight of the evening that we should share with those that were not

It started out the normal way with good food and something to drink
after a long, hot and tiring tradeshow day. But then the live-music

The band was extremely proud of its "Open Source" song, it seems. So
they played it twice.

Triggered by an initative of our booth volunteers and the Debian
people, a group of true Free Software supporters felt they had to
counter this by singing the Free Software song. They so energetically
gathered people to get up there and sing that noone could refuse.

So we ended up with a wild bunch of people from FSF Europe, GNOME,
Debian, KDE and other Free Software projects to sing the Free Software

Not having tried this before, the first attempt was - uhm -
interesting. My personal problem was that I could not decide at which
of the many speeds or tones I should join in.

The second attempt was much better, though, because we managed to get
someone to take the lead who could actually sing.

So our merry bunch sang the Free Software Song along with (and this
may come as a surprise to some) Eric S. Raymond, who got pulled into
this by Karin. Fortunately he had no weapon on him to defend
himself otherwise we might be minus one very energetic and true Free
Software supportress. :-)

This was most definitely the highlight of the whole social event as
everything else must pale in comparison with this unique event! *g*


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