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	As a followup to

	I'm pretty sure there is no obstacle for FSF Europe to distribute
paper copies of this magazine. When I mean no obstacle, I omit the fact
that someone has to take care of this ;-) 

	The FSF Europe being an established non profit, a volunteer
would only have to make sure the copies are printed, to get in touch
with distribution chanels etc, etc. When I mean "only", I omit the fact
that this is a quite demanding task.

	From the followups on the previous thread I guess there will
be enough content. Organizing the distribution is another subject. If
you ever know Free Software friends who would like to contribute in
this way, please invite them to participate on this list, to make
themselves known. It would be a great opportunity to demonstrate that
contributing to Free Software does not always requires coding skills.

	As of now, one could coordinate with non profit Free Software
organizations in Italy (ASSOLI), Portugal (ANSOL), Spain (GNU Spain),
Germany (FSF Europe, FFII), Austria (FFS), France (FSF Europe, APRIL,
AFUL), UK (soon).  I won't go into more details or this will become a
project too tempting to resist and I should not distract myself from
my current tasks ;-)


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