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Martin Schulze joey at
Tue Dec 4 23:03:15 UTC 2001


Jan-Oliver Wagner wrote:
> the free softare hackers are usually quite well informed
> about all the issues, infos around free software.

My experience as editor of a weekly news report is that many
people can't stay up with everything which is going on there.
It's just too much.  I often get reports from people who like
to thank me for our summaries -- and this is only for one large
project, we don't cover the entire free software universe.

Hence, I believe a free software magazine could be appreciated
by a lot of hackers as well, if it is produced and delivered

> IMO a magazine should more focus on reaching the typical
> users (who read magazines) and provide them with solid
> information about free software.
> The FSM should be an instrument to communicate to others
> rather then to ourselves.
> A free software magazine is missing since all the Linux
> magazines turn to proprietary products more and more.
> Most appear not capable to explain free software, some
> authors even have not understood the concept.

(GNU/)Linux-Gazette comes to my mind.  Then again, I haven't read
it yet.  However, afaik it was a community effort.



[1] to be discussed and decided :)

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