smaffulli at inwind.it smaffulli at inwind.it
Tue Aug 28 13:25:25 UTC 2001

> 	Hi,
> 	Unesco just published the draft document we all contributed to produce
> http://www.unesco.org/webworld/portal_freesoft/license_info.shtml.

Fantastic, that is a wonderful position to increase our visibility. 
> 	Comments, criticisms, fixes are very welcome. Although this text
> is much better than the previous one, it still need peer-reviewing to mature.
Just a little comment: wouldn't it help to move the list of licenses at the bottom of the page? The second paragraph says "For the impatients": IMHO it should be first section after the introduction. After all the details of the various licenses are useful only for those that already know the very basics (which you give later in the paper).


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