Loic Dachary loic at gnu.org
Tue Aug 28 14:19:17 UTC 2001

 > Just a little comment: wouldn't it help to move the list of
 > licenses at the bottom of the page? The second paragraph says "For
 > the impatients": IMHO it should be first section after the
 > introduction. After all the details of the various licenses are
 > useful only for those that already know the very basics (which you
 > give later in the paper).

	If we move the license list at the bottom, people interested
in a list of existing license will probably think it's not there. And
*most* people will come to see the list and nothing else. 

	The chapter named "For the impatient" is potentially dangerous
(suggesting people not to think is a bad idea in general :-). I'm
still unsure if we should keep it or not, if the advices it lists are
useful or useless. That's why I did put it after the list. When it proves
to be useful, agreed upon by most people, we could move it upfront. If it
turns out that it's just a bad idea we will just remove it.

	There is the option to make two pages instead of a single one.


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