Problems in .hr (I admit it.. I don't know about others)

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Mon Nov 27 19:12:13 UTC 2000

On Mon, 27 Nov 2000, Marko Turunen wrote:

> >We ahve one hell of a strong local M$. They've infiltrated our shools in
> >such a way that our secretary of schooling has a _contract_ with M$ giving
> >it a monopoly over our schools. That hurts, especially when I come to
> >school and hjave to work either on mess dos 5.0 (ouch!) or WinNT
> >(ARRGH!) 4. That has a ph.D. in sucking.

> organization. Problem really is that most of the people doesn't know
> anything else than Microsoft systems. That is the situation mostly because
> lack of organizations promoting free (or any other alternative) software at

here in yugoslavia (zdravo sinisa :)) the situation is different, although
somewhat similar. i believe we do have a micros*ft office here, but as
some of you probably know, there is a poor legal system in effect (which
is about to change) which allows and even supports piracy, so noone's
pushing windoze ahead, but still, most of the people do not know better.
the situation in my country is improving, and in no time, micros*ft will
grab ahold of the market. therefore, i am inviting all of you to aid in
our struggle to promote gnu and free software, primarily by means of
marketing products (eg. t-shirts and posters) as we are still a poor
country and noone has the money to promote this. all we can do is talk.

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