Problems in .hr (I admit it.. I don't know about others)

Marko Turunen mt at
Tue Nov 28 13:56:43 UTC 2000

*** Sladjan Andjelic wrote:
>the situation in my country is improving, and in no time, micros*ft will
>grab ahold of the market. therefore, i am inviting all of you to aid in
>our struggle to promote gnu and free software, primarily by means of
>marketing products (eg. t-shirts and posters) as we are still a poor
>country and noone has the money to promote this. all we can do is talk.

Marketing products would add visibility, that's true IMHO. But I wouldn't
underestimate the power of speech. So I think it's most important that
people talk about things, because information is what counts at the end

-- In the source code I trust, others pay cash.

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