Problems in .hr (I admit it.. I don't know about others)

Onofrio de Bari ondeb at
Mon Nov 27 14:07:26 UTC 2000

On Mon, 27 Nov 2000, Marko Turunen wrote:

> >Our goverment uses only M$ products (and we _do_ have high
> >corruption) inside. 

> I think that is very much a situation around the europe. 

Hello everybody.
I just subscribed this list, being very pleased to read about the birth of
FSF Europe.

Well I agree about the fact that this situation is common around Europe
and that a lot of people think that OS=Windows; when you say that
something which is different from Windows exists, people looks amazed at
you and don't even dare to ask "and what is it?"
This even happens in Engineering and Science faculties over here (I write
from Palermo, Italy).

It's up to us to believe and be strong in our 'battle' to change this
situation and of course a free software foundation operating in Europe is
the right thing, because of the differences between the USA and Europe
even about free software (e.g. software patents -unfortunately- allowed

Onofrio de Bari.

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