Problems in .hr (I admit it.. I don't know about others)

Marko Turunen marko.turunen at
Mon Nov 27 13:29:53 UTC 2000

>We ahve one hell of a strong local M$. They've infiltrated our shools in
>such a way that our secretary of schooling has a _contract_ with M$ giving
>it a monopoly over our schools. That hurts, especially when I come to
>school and hjave to work either on mess dos 5.0 (ouch!) or WinNT
>(ARRGH!) 4. That has a ph.D. in sucking.
>Our goverment uses only M$ products (and we _do_ have high
>corruption) inside. HrOpen, a local open systems group, though considered
>very important, wasn't asked a single quiestion when a study about the
>development of Software firms was being done, and, interestingly enough,
>the CEO of Microsoft Hrvatska was in the comitee... OUCH!

I think that is very much a situation around the europe. At least it is in
Finland - more or less. That's why I think FSFE is quite important
organization. Problem really is that most of the people doesn't know
anything else than Microsoft systems. That is the situation mostly because
lack of organizations promoting free (or any other alternative) software at
the same time when corporations like Microsoft spends millions of dollars to
promote their software. I think FSFE will have good changes to turn this
situation around.

That's why I see FSFE very welcome.

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