Problems in .hr (I admit it.. I don't know about others)

Sinisa "Sigma14" "" Milicic smilicic at
Mon Nov 27 11:30:01 UTC 2000

We ahve one hell of a strong local M$. They've infiltrated our shools in
such a way that our secretary of schooling has a _contract_ with M$ giving
it a monopoly over our schools. That hurts, especially when I come to
school and hjave to work either on mess dos 5.0 (ouch!) or WinNT
(ARRGH!) 4. That has a ph.D. in sucking. 
Our goverment uses only M$ products (and we _do_ have high
corruption) inside. HrOpen, a local open systems group, though considered
very important, wasn't asked a single quiestion when a study about the
development of Software firms was being done, and, interestingly enough,
the CEO of Microsoft Hrvatska was in the comitee... OUCH!

btw.. the school I mentioned is linked to the museum in which last week's
summit was held, so I had a friday off :)

"Mors EULAe, libertas softwarei!"

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