[WikiCaretakers] Need help with understanding redirects

Erik Albers eal at fsfe.org
Mon May 29 14:17:06 CEST 2017

Hi Thomas,

On 24.04.2017 14:43, Thomas Doczkal wrote:
>>> can you create a List of _required_ forwards?
>>> We have moved migrated to several different places and there is no easy
>>> way to forward everything to it's new destination.
>> I think the easiest way is if everyone who is working with the wiki should
>> receive an email, explain the problem and explain how to add forwards. Then,
>> we simply have to fix this step by step over time, every time we find a broken
>> link.
> Please handle this information with care.
> You can edit the .htaccess file of the web server in our wiki.
> See this link: https://wiki.fsfe.org/WikiAdmin/Redirections
> Please Note: this file is linked *live* to the .htaccess  file...
> In case you add a typo to this page the wiki might stay offline until someone has time to fix it.
> Please read and follow the comments on the linked page first.

I am confused and need help:

As I understand it you have to write
	Redirect permanent "/NAME OF OLD LINK" "/NAME OF NEW TARGET"

And if I set a string of commands it leads me through all of them, like

	Redirect permanent "/FrontPage" "/FSFE Fellowship Wiki" +

	Redirect permanent "/FSFE Fellowship Wiki" "/FSFE Wiki"

Brings me from /FrontPage "directly" to /FSFE Wiki, right?

Then, first I do not understand why there are still redirects that lead the
user to "/Migrated/something", like
	Redirect permanent "/addresses and mailing lists"
	Redirect permanent "/Apple-Tax_Refund" "/Migrated/AppleRefund"
	Redirect permanent "/BLIT" "/Migrated/BLIT08"
Although I think the whole idea of the new page-moving was to get rid of

Then, generally, I kindly ask to explain me where I can add new redirects, on
top of "automatically generated redirects" or inside or at the end?

Example: the edu-team is worried because their leaflets are no more available
from the outside and the links in all the blogs etc are broken.

Right now, in the automatic section we have the following rules:
Redirect permanent "/Reasons_for_schools_to_use_free_software"
Redirect permanent "/Reasons_for_schools_to_use_Free_Software"
(yes, it is double in there)

However, /Migrated/Reasons_for_schools_to_use_Free_Software leads to an empty
page, so I like to make a redirect from there to

So, from my understanding I write the following rule:

Redirect permanent "/Migrated/Reasons_for_schools_to_use_Free_Software"


And, where do I put it?


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