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Max Mehl max.mehl at fsfe.org
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Hi Heiki,

@Johannes: Thanks for your reply, very helpful! I'd just choose another
name than "TranslationTeam", see below. If you object against that,
please share your thoughts.

# Johannes Zarl-zierl [15.06.2016 @ 21:21]:
>> In the translators' coordination circle we had the idea to move
>> documentation and language-specific information (different links, word
>> blocks) to the wiki to make it more flexible and maintanable. My
>> question to you is which location and structure for those pages you
>> would suggest, given that the most basic information would be still
>> fsfe.org/contribute/translators.
> The first location that comes to my mind would be Teams/TranslationTeam, and 
> then probably language-related sub-pages Teams/TranslationTeam/de or similar.
> This structure furthers the idea of a "translation team" vs. "the 
> German/French/etc. translation team". (Which is my outside impression of the 
> team)

What do you think about creating /Teams/Translators with optional
subpages like "ES" and "FR"? We could put all the documentation e.g. the
how-to-translate-part there and add some kind of FAQ section for
beginners. For the subpages, I'd use the /de for language-specific stuff
like the pad link and how we handle the most common peculiarities of the
German language ;)


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