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Johannes Zarl-Zierl jzarl at fsfe.org
Wed Jun 15 21:18:21 CEST 2016

Hi Max,

On Wednesday 15 June 2016 17:19:32 Max Mehl wrote:
> First of all: it's awesome that now "outsiders" can ask for your
> assistance and knowledge, thanks a lot!

People were asking on the quickml list already, so it's just logical step. 
Besides, people might stick around long enough to be able to help others :)

> In the translators' coordination circle we had the idea to move
> documentation and language-specific information (different links, word
> blocks) to the wiki to make it more flexible and maintanable. My
> question to you is which location and structure for those pages you
> would suggest, given that the most basic information would be still
> fsfe.org/contribute/translators.

The first location that comes to my mind would be Teams/TranslationTeam, and 
then probably language-related sub-pages Teams/TranslationTeam/de or similar.
This structure furthers the idea of a "translation team" vs. "the 
German/French/etc. translation team". (Which is my outside impression of the 

The exact structure certainly depends on your workflows and other needs. I 
would keep the language-specific pages similar in content and naming schemes, 
but that's just my personal view.

> Translation of these pages is not necessary since English should be the
> default language for all translators.

…which suits us well because wikis are traditionally awkward to translate. 
(But I'm open to suggestions for establishing some methodology for translating 
parts of the wiki)


Johannes Zarl-Zierl
FSFE local group Linz, Team Austria
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