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Tue Jul 28 10:38:38 UTC 2020

~ Matija Šuklje [2020-07-27 15:32 +0200]:
> Die 25. 07. 20 et hora 02:00 Gary O'Neall scripsit:
>> Let me know if there is interest in creating a REUSE profile in SPDX.  The
>> REUSE group could determine which fields are mandatory and which fields are
>> optional.  Myself and the SPDX tech team would be happy to collaborate on
>> the effort.
> Thanks Gary, that sounds like a great way forward! :D
> While I can’t call any shots, my vote would definitely be to work together 
> with SPDX and duplicate as little as possible between the two solutions.

I fully agree, and would love to have a light REUSE profile in SPDX!

Actually, according to our main goal, the two only fields relevant would
concern the copyright and license information, both in the File and the
Snippet scope (see other thread on snippets). Everything else is

However, I am not sure how such a trimmed down YAML file will look like
when following the SPDX YAML spec. From what I understand, SPDX seeks to
cover a whole package here, while REUSE.yaml should be able to exist
multiple times in the repository, covering only a subset of the files on
the same and child level(s).

Also, as said above, it should be easy to understand for humans as well.
Fields that have different names but the same meaning depending on
where they are used (inside source code or inside YAML) don't really add
to our common mission IMHO. Can you think of a way to establish that?


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