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[This announcement has been circulated broadly, my apologies if 
you got it before]

Dear all,
  I'm delighted to share the news of the publication of the "Paris 
Call on Software Source Code" that results from months of intense 
work in collaboration with Unesco, culminating in a high level 
international expert meeting at Unesco headquarters in Paris on 
November 6th and 7th that I had the honor to coordinate.

You can find the official Unesco announcement at https://
and the Software Heritage blog post at https://

This Call adresses a broad spectrum of key subjects, ranging from 
the core mission of Software Heritage as a universal archive of 
softare source code, to the recognition of software developers and 
contributors, to the importance of literacy in computing, to the 
need to take quality software production into account in academic 
careers, to the role of software for the transparency and 
accountability of private and public actors.

It is a tool that can be used to promote awareness of the 
importance of software in all aspects of our modern societies.

Do not hesitate in reading, disseminating and leveraging it: now 
that it has been built, this tool just waits for you to use it!

All the best

Roberto Di Cosmo
Computer Science Professor
            (on leave at INRIA from IRIF/University Paris Diderot)

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